Friday and into Saturday


I tend to wake up on Fridays feeling ready to complete the week with my students  and begin looking forward to Saturday and the weekend. My good friend and colleague brings  Starbucks for us (I bring it on Mondays.), we  order out our lunch, and we end the day with Fun Friday-all three fourth grades merge our kids together. One of us takes them outside, one of us hosts a game room, and the other hosts a study hall for students who need to complete unfinished work from the week. I only linger in my classroom long enough to make sure it’s organized for Monday, say good-bye to my colleagues, and head home.  Then I look forward to Saturday–Here are some of the things that go into a perfect Saturday for me.

  • My husband and I spending the morning planning our evening with a perfect cup of coffee in our matching mugs.
  • A long walk with Kleeko  my Pug.
  • Picking up my mom and heading to mall to have a girls lunch at Nordstrom with my mom, mother-in-law, sister, niece and my two great nieces.
  • Buying something little like a new top or lipstick color.
  • Getting a manicure or pedicure or both.
  • Going to an early movie with my son who is home on spring break and my husband. (-And getting popcorn with butter on it!)
  • Going to a nice dinner with my son and husband after the movie.
  • Settling in on the couch with my husband, son and Kleeko while falling asleep watching the Hangover for the 100th time as we look forward to our spring break vacation in Vegas.

Enjoy your weekend!


No Power At School


Well…yesterday’s morning didn’t go so smooth, and the afternoon into the evening was just as rocky.

Our first announcement yesterday to staff was to listen for announcements throughout the day regarding the high wind warning. The winds were to get going early in the day until about 7pm.  At 11:00am came the announcement.We were told  that there would be indoor recess as the gusts were getting up to 70mph. The kids were fine and worked as if it were just another “rain” day or “cold”day. In the back of their minds I think they felt a bit of relief as I knew some of my students were a little scared.

And then,  at 2:50pm,  ten minutes before our rehearsal for the evening music concert, our power went out. Some kids were quiet, and some start to yell. A little bit of chaos began to erupt.

Is the rehearsal still on? Will the power return? Don’t we have a generator? Will we dismiss early? These were the thoughts going through the my colleagues as we all took a peek in the hallway looking for answers that we knew we wouldn’t know.

Here is what happened.

The rehearsal went as planned.

The generator started up.

The concert was still on.

Some parents arrived leaving their home with power. Some parents arrived leaving their without power, worrying about the evening through the morning. Some parents had trees in their road, and some parents didn’t show up.

The concert was performed. The students did great, and I am sure my students will have much to write about today.



Not A Smooth Morning


I have been up for a total of thirty-five minutes and while I don’t want to have a bad attitude for the day, but it’s not going in the direction I was hoping.

  1. Set my alarm way too loud. Not a pleasant way to get up.
  2. Kleeko had a barking fit. (Wants to play)
  3. Coffee is weak. (Starbucks stop this morning.)
  4. I went to let Kleeko outside, and I was greeted my an aroma I am all too familiar with–skunk.
  5. Searched the backyard from my patio in slippers and robe for the skunk. Didn’t find him.
  6. Carried Kleeko outside to his x-pen for his morning routine.
  7. Kleeko chooses to bark and try to wake up the neighbors. Does not do what he needs to do this morning. (I don’t get upset with him though, I know he just wants to be with me.)


None of this a “big” deal, but today is one of three days this month that I will walk out of my house at 7:00am and not return until 8:30pm as it is our 4/5th grade music concert.On these type of days, I like things to run just a little smoother. Just hoping it doesn’t rain so the kiddos can have outdoor recess!!

Enjoy your day slicers!


Bigger Kids, Bigger Worries


About twelve years ago, my twenty year old son joined his first hockey team. It was a fun team with thirteen families that truly got along the entire season. Being first year hockey parents my husband and I were able to take in all the great moments without understanding the politics behind it. It was a season we cherish fondly.

During our first local tournament my son was somewhere in the rink playing with his friends between games. My husband and I sat outside of one of the rinks drinking coffee and trying to understand the rules of the tournament when an older, disheveled man came up to our table, sat down and began talking. He could tell we were “newbies” and started asking about our team, how they were doing in the tournament and what we thought of it. He went to talk about his son who was playing hockey. He  told us the more challenging side of high school hockey, not really letting us get a word in when he sat up abruptly, started to walk away and left us with this comment. “bigger kids, bigger worries.”

Twelve years later his words still linger in the back of my mind. We made it through high school hockey and my son is now a sophomore at college. He was right. I worry all the time. It is spring break this week. My son came home the other day and leaves next Sunday. He and his friends drove up north to stay in my mother-in-laws lake house for a few days. He has done this before. Yes I trust him, but I worry. My worries can over take me. I long for the days at the rink, when he needed help tying his skates, or when getting a slurpie and popcorn after a tough loss could heal a sad child.

He’s grown up. He’s a good kid, but I will always worry.

I Think I Must Say No Today


Yesterday I received an email from a teacher asking me to fill in this Wednesday on a meeting where some teachers in our building are training to learn a new intervention program.The original teacher that was asked is unable to attend.

I am conflicted by this today. While I am always open to learning to interventions that may benefit my students, it comes at a very difficult time in the school year. As I mentioned on my very first post March is busy. I am already scheduled to be out three days this month, and with a possible trip out of town for my aunt’s funeral, I may be out even more.

In the next two weeks I must meet with each child to have a conversation about their writing and reading this marking period.  I also need to assess students, prepare report cards and prepare for parent- teacher conferences. We are also finishing our informational papers this week.

I simply cannot afford  time away from my students. I am feeling guilty, but I think I must say no.

Meet Kleeko


I thought the weekends might be a little easier to write about with more variety in my day, but as I sit at my computer my head is spinning on what to write. Beyond the fact that I cannot seem to narrow down a topic, my two year old Pug, Kleeko insists on sitting on my lap. My hands around his little body trying to type on the keyboard.  So since he is my all over me right now, I will introduce to you my little guy.

Kleeko is an “Oops” puppy. It’s hard to believe that this cute little guy was not suppose to be. I had lost my 13 year old Pug, Pugzee,  a few weeks earlier and I was devastated. I volunteer for a pug rescue, but the available dogs were on medical holds. I called my local kennel and he led me to Diane.

Diane is a retired teacher (so we hit it off immediately) who shows Pugs. She talked my ear off about show dogs and pet dogs and wanted me to be sure on what type of dog interested me. She did not have any show pugs,  wasn’t planning on breeding for a few months, and  there was no guarantee that she would have a successful litter. Her friend, who also shows, had two “oops” puppies. Her friend’s son had accidentally let out a female dog that was in heat and one of her males was also out. Later they found out the female was pregnant. She has several pugs and didn’t want to do DNA testing to find out the father so she just decided to give away her two pugs to good homes. That’s how my sweet Kleeko came to me.

He is a beautiful pug, with a quirky personality. He is a little bigger now and a delight to have around. He helped my husband and I out during our early months of “empty nest.” We are registered for Canine Good Citizen classes in the spring and hope to pass the test. Here is his photo.img_3865

A Difficult Day


It has been a difficult two days. My mom called me on the way to school yesterday to let me know that my very favorite aunt, the aunt who inspires much of writing and influenced my life had a massive stroke at 2am. She has bleeding on the brain and will not get better. I was crushed and shaken. Fortunately it was an hour before the kids would come in and I was able to get myself together.

My Aunt Dolores was cool. She was funny. She was eccentric. These are some of the things she taught me:

Take care of your skin.

Moisturize every day.

Wear sunscreen, make up and lipstick.

Try not to complain too much, no one really cares.


Bake cookies, and then eat them, and sneak in some cookie dough too.

Don’t feel guilty if you consume an entire container of Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby.

Eat dessert first, or just eat dessert.

Laugh loud.

Let things go.


Stay current.

Do weights as long as you can.

Cherish your husband.

Cherish the good times, they don’t last long as you wish.

Laugh till you cry.


She is a young 85 year old woman. I thought she would live to 100.

It has been a difficult day.

A Field Trip To The Chocolate Factory


I woke up excited today, not only because it is Friday, but our 4th graders are going on a field trip. It my very favorite field trip of the year, and I am guessing the 4th graders too.

As they begin their Economics Unit, the social studies teacher has scheduled our annual trip to the Chocolate Factory for a history of chocolate, tour of the production line and some shopping for chocolate and candy.

The students spend approximately thirty minutes learning about the history and watching the production line, and thirty minutes shopping. While the first thirty minutes are fairly calm, the second half gets a little bit crazy. You know that line “a kid in a candy store?” Well imagine over the course of an hour 62 kids in a candy store. The company is used to having tour groups, and are patient and kind to our students. However,  it is a public store, so I am not so sure that the regular shoppers who thought they would be able to run in and run out of the store with a quick purchase  are as thrilled as my students.

So I am off to shop and eat chocolate with my students. I am looking forward to a fun day ahead of me.

My Coffee Mug


I have been thinking about what to write today, since I finished my post yesterday, wondering how I am going to come up with ideas each day. I woke up at 5am still not knowing what I would write about when I sat down at the computer.

So, I followed my regular routine of getting ready, taking care of my pug, and pouring a cup of coffee. Coffee? That’s it. That’s my subject today–because without that, my morning/day would not be complete.

I cannot pour a good cup of coffee without putting it in a really good mug. Today was my lucky day because yesterday my souvenirs from Disney arrived that I had shipped. In my box was our latest Disney family mugs. See, everyday my husband and I drink out of one of our 50 different pairs of matching coffee mugs. 21 of these sets of mugs are a different Disney set of mugs. As vacation club members since 2001 we have purchased a pair of matching mugs every trip. It’s a long process as we visit gift shops each day at the happiest place on earth to find the perfect mug to take home from our trip. We hold them, examine the amount of coffee it will hold, and rub the rim to make sure it’s smooth. Once we finally decide on the mug, we purchase them and have them shipped so not to damage them when traveling back home.

So my mug today is a very cute design of Mini Mouse’s polka dot skirt and feet. The handle is her arm. It is from her waist down. My husband’s is Mickey Mouse from the waist down.

The mug is cute, the coffee is good and I have just finished my second post for the Slice of Life Challenge.

Day 1- Many Challenges


Well it’s finally here! Day 1 of the Slice of Life Challenge. This is my first time participating so I am nervous and excited at the same time. March is my busiest month at school between report cards, music concert, assessments, March is Reading Month, and parent teacher conferences, so this will be a challenge, but one I am excited to take on.

On top of this challenge I have a personal challenge of trying to run a 5k. It’s not that far, a little over three miles but I would like to be able to run the entire time. I have never been a runner, so this is truly another challenge for me. I was in Disney last week for mid-winter break and they had one of their races during that week. I talked with many participants later in the day and it sounded fun. I didn’t think it was something that I could ever imagine doing , but my very supportive husband convinced me I had time to train and I could walk part of it, if I couldn’t run all  of it.

So as I start my day, writing this morning and run/walk this afternoon and teach in between I am ready and energized to take on the challenges that await me this month.

Have a great day!