Lots of books

Comfy clothes

Stuffed animals

Blanket forts

Healthy snacks

Excited children

Lots of books.

Today is a Read-In



Spring conferences began last night and will finish this evening. I met last night with approximately 20 sets of parents and the rest are scheduled for today.

A colleague of mine told me last night how she dreads conferences. She worries weeks before and has several notes on each child. It becomes a very stressful time for her. I looked at her and was surprised at this comment. She always seems so confident and comfortable.

I wasn’t sure how to respond because after almost thirty years of teaching, I have come to love conferences. I enjoy sharing all the progress my students are making, and I find  meeting with parents lets me into a side of their child I might not ever get to know. Of course not all conferences go smoothly. Each year there are difficult conferences too, but I will consult help from previous teachers or my principal. Some cause me worry and maybe some anxiety, but all in all, it’s a time of the year that I really  do enjoy.


Waking Up Too Early


I hear the soft whine in my ears. It’s 3:00am. I can see the glistening of his brown eyes staring up at me. I reach down to rub his belly, hoping to soothe him before he lets out a loud bark. It’s 3:02am. It’s conferences tonight. I need every minute of sleep this morning.  It’s not working. He starts his whine again, as he jumps on my nightstand and grabs my phone with his mouth.

Why fight it? (Well, because it’s conference night and I need sleep.)

I grab my phone/alarm trudge downstairs, crash on the couch and cover myself with a blanket. He jumps on me, snuggles against me and we both fall asleep.

Kleeko just needed some fur mom time.

My Students and the Slice of Life


For the past three years I have had my class participate in our own form of the Slice of Life Challenge. In late February I post on the board that “The Challenge is coming…stay tuned.” Each day it builds excitement and wonder in my classes. On February 28, each student is given a brand new spiral notebook. (It’s amazing what a new spiral can do for you in the middle of winter.)For some wonderful reason, this particular year my two classes have really enjoyed it. My past classes have participated, but not with the enthusiasm this year holds. Most students are working hard to keep it a small moment, while there are still a small few who still list what they did  from breakfast to bed. Regardless, they are always ready to share when they walk into my class.

Yesterday, however, one student in particular did not want to share. No one is forced to share, but this student insisted she not be asked. She didn’t want anyone to read it. This was unusual because she is the one who is most excited to share each day.

She shared it privately with me. She had found out some information that one of her parents is ill. She was not filled in with all the particulars, but was aware it may be  serious. She wrote about her feelings of sadness and concern.

In my three years, I am not sure that any my students have used the Slice of Life as a place to write any feelings except those of happiness and excitement. I am enjoying watching the growth of my students with the Slice of Life.

Running Out of Ideas.


Wow! I  think this is the first morning I am sitting at my computer not knowing what to write about. I read the announcements where I could click to a link for ideas, but that’s not helping today.

I think I’m really tired this morning, which is unusual on a Monday. I’m a little sore from my run/walk yesterday and I didn’t sleep well. The alarm rang too early for me today.

I have much today as I prepare for conferences this week. I will go in to work a little earlier than usual.

That’s it. My brain is empty.

Have a great day!

New Year’s Goal


I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions mostly because I forget by the time February rolls around. As a teacher however, it seems that the smoothest way to begin the new year after a two week holiday break is to set some goals. I encourage them to make personal and academic goals.

This year my students wanted to know  my personal goal. I had to think about this one making sure that it was something I was willing to share with my students. I decided  my goal this year is to make one new dinner each month. I had to try a new recipe for a main meal, side dish and dessert. My class thought this was a great idea and wanted to know what I would make for January.

A few weeks later, in February, they asked me again what I was going to make. Oops, I forgot about my resolution. I quickly came up with a meal the next weekend and shared it on Monday.

And now…here we are…March is upon us and it is the third weekend. Once again  my class reminded me on Friday that I hadn’t shared what I was making in awhile. Oops! Forgot again about that resolution.

My cookbooks are out, my grocery list is made, and I am getting ready to go to  the grocery store to make my “new” March meal.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Feeling Down Today


I had hoped I would wake up today and it would start out great, because I went to bed with my head spinning.

My St. Patrick’s Day in my classroom went really well until…

-Three of my challenging students had a fabulous day only to have it go down hill the last ten minutes of the day.

-My son called me to tell me his phone interview went terrible.

When I finally laid down to fall asleep my head kept spinning over my  students and son. Nothing devastating.Nothing I can’t reflect upon and look for ways to help all of them.

I woke up this morning thinking a new day, I’ll spend some time thinking about what to say to both my son and students.  And then..I looked out my window to see another blanket of snow and snow showers. I can’t describe my feelings inside, but it’s down. I need spring, I need to get outside and walk. I think I need to bundle up and face the last few days of winter. Maybe quiet walk in snow may do some good.