Last Day


Today is the last day for the SOL challenge. I can’t believe it I made it through. I wasn’t sure I would remember to write each day. But I did, but…there were three days I forgot to hit the “publish” button before I posted and nothing showed up. Need to work on that!

My class also finishes today. Unfortunately I am not in today, and Monday begins spring break. I have reminded them to go home today, write and put their notebooks back in their backpack so they remember to return it next month. We will also have our SOL Celebration in April. The results have been amazing. Out of 41 students, only four stopped writing after two weeks. The rest of the class kept up, enjoyed commenting on others work, and sharing.

I am ready to continue to participate in the Tuesday’s SOL writing. Thank you for this opportunity.

Becoming a Parrothead


Saturday I will transform from conservative 4th grade teacher, to a crazy, tropical, Parrothead.

My husband and I are leaving tomorrow for spring break in Las Vegas, where Jimmy Buffett will perform his second show of this year’ season. My husband surprised me with the tickets.

Back in 1983 I was a senior in high school and my brother was working on his doctorate degree at Michigan State University. He bugged my sister and I drive to Lansing to watch this guy named Jimmy Buffett. He told me it would be fun. He was playing in a small venue traveling to different colleges.

When I walked into the concert I was amazed  the way everyone was dressed brightly, singing at the top of their lungs, and having a party in their seats. I only knew one song, Margaritaville, so I  just watched everyone act goofy. “I want to be silly and laugh, and dress like that.” I thought.

That summer I purchased his “albums,” learned all his songs, and prepared myself for the next concert season. I never knew at that time that 34 years later and 34 plus concerts later, I would considered myself a Parrothead.

So as I pack for vacation this year, my tropical Hawaiian clothes, parrot earrings and necklace, palm tree designed sandals and flowery hair pieces are out and ready to transform me for one night into a singing, dancing, crazy Parrothead.

“I’ve got a Caribbean soul, I can barely control..” -Jimmy Buffett