Proud of My Son


“Got Ontv” was the text message my son sent me yesterday afternoon.

“What? Call me.” was my response. My son has been searching for a summer job after he completes his sophomore¬†semester at college. After spending last summer as an unpaid summer intern at a newly created minor league baseball stadium filming for them, he was ¬†ready to work and make some money.

My cell phone rang. “You got it?”

“Yeah” he responded with excitement, that quickly diminished,”It’s unpaid.”

I know that this internship will be very good for him and the knowledge he gains will far out weigh the minimum wage he would earn working as a camp counselor or concessions at a local business. He knows that deep down too. I told him to wait and see the hours and maybe pick up something extra. He thought about it, then let me know he is talking to his advisor to get college credit, and that it will be fine.

I’m proud of my son. He works hard, and he will do great things with his future.