Spring conferences began last night and will finish this evening. I met last night with approximately 20 sets of parents and the rest are scheduled for today.

A colleague of mine told me last night how she dreads conferences. She worries weeks before and has several notes on each child. It becomes a very stressful time for her. I looked at her and was surprised at this comment. She always seems so confident and comfortable.

I wasn’t sure how to respond because after almost thirty years of teaching, I have come to love conferences. I enjoy sharing all the progress my students are making, and I find  meeting with parents lets me into a side of their child I might not ever get to know. Of course not all conferences go smoothly. Each year there are difficult conferences too, but I will consult help from previous teachers or my principal. Some cause me worry and maybe some anxiety, but all in all, it’s a time of the year that I really  do enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Conferences

  1. I loved conferences too. I loved being able to share with a high school parent something they might not know or see on a regular basis about their child. Really, there was nothing negative to say, so it was a time to celebrate successes. (I would have called if there was something we needed to work out – so if that had happened, the conference could be about the positive change :). Good luck with your last night!


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