New Year’s Goal


I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions mostly because I forget by the time February rolls around. As a teacher however, it seems that the smoothest way to begin the new year after a two week holiday break is to set some goals. I encourage them to make personal and academic goals.

This year my students wanted to know  my personal goal. I had to think about this one making sure that it was something I was willing to share with my students. I decided  my goal this year is to make one new dinner each month. I had to try a new recipe for a main meal, side dish and dessert. My class thought this was a great idea and wanted to know what I would make for January.

A few weeks later, in February, they asked me again what I was going to make. Oops, I forgot about my resolution. I quickly came up with a meal the next weekend and shared it on Monday.

And now…here we are…March is upon us and it is the third weekend. Once again  my class reminded me on Friday that I hadn’t shared what I was making in awhile. Oops! Forgot again about that resolution.

My cookbooks are out, my grocery list is made, and I am getting ready to go to  the grocery store to make my “new” March meal.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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