St Patrick’s Day


Top of The Morning!

Today marks one of the crazier days in school. Holiday parties, last day of school, spirit week–and St Patrick’s Day.

I am ready. Planned something green to wear, and we are writing limericks. Limericks are not such an easy task at first, but with some perseverance the kiddos write some pretty cute limericks.

There will also be the students that swear they saw a leprechaun on the way to school. They will bother the students who will argue that they didn’t. There will be the ones that also think they saw one outside our classroom windows on the playground. Everyone will rush to the windows to look.

Some students will have green eyeshadow-

Some will have sprayed their hair green-

Some will have picked out every green piece of clothing in their closet to wear today-


Yes, today will be crazy, but it’s one of those days. My brother is an engineer and my sister is an accountant. I am sure their day will not be as crazy as mine, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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