Feeling Down Today


I had hoped I would wake up today and it would start out great, because I went to bed with my head spinning.

My St. Patrick’s Day in my classroom went really well until…

-Three of my challenging students had a fabulous day only to have it go down hill the last ten minutes of the day.

-My son called me to tell me his phone interview went terrible.

When I finally laid down to fall asleep my head kept spinning over my  students and son. Nothing devastating.Nothing I can’t reflect upon and look for ways to help all of them.

I woke up this morning thinking a new day, I’ll spend some time thinking about what to say to both my son and students.  And then..I looked out my window to see another blanket of snow and snow showers. I can’t describe my feelings inside, but it’s down. I need spring, I need to get outside and walk. I think I need to bundle up and face the last few days of winter. Maybe quiet walk in snow may do some good.


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