The Bachelor


I am going to admit it. I love to watch The Bachelor and the The Bachelorette. I love to lay on the couch, and watch a show  I call a “no brainer.” I can just sit and watch, and laugh at some of the things the girls and guys say and do. I can forget the craziness of the day and be entertained. To me, it’s an easy way to end a Monday.

I find Chris the host, funny. I think it’s funny how he tries to get the audience excited by saying “it’s the most exciting,” or “the first time ever in Bachelor history.” I enjoy seeing the pretty evening clothes, or the fancy dates that take them to exotic places, or to see a popular band.

Most times I am too tired to watch the entire episode, so I record and watch the rest of it the next day, along with the  Jimmy Kimmel show on Mondays to hear his view on it.  I even have my husband watching it with me as laughs at the silliness of the whole thing.

Some of my friends don’t watch it. They make it very clear that they don’t approve of it and sometimes make me feel that I am wasting my time with watching it. It’s beneath them. At first I was taken back, but now I secretly laugh inside. As I said earlier, it’s a “no brainer.”