Spring Break


I would like to settle down and relax for the rest of the evening and enjoy the extra sunlight, but I can’t relax until my son texts me that he has arrived safe and sound back at college. He is on the road now and he have about a two hour drive.

This particular spring break all of his best buddies from high had the same spring break week. They drove to my mother -in -law’s lake house and spent a few evenings there playing  xbox and hanging out. I worried about that drive too, its about a three hour trip with a car full off 20 year old boys. All went well and they had a great time.

We had some great family time too. We saw Wolverine at the movies and had dinners together. When he felt like just relaxing we brought dinner in. He shot skeet and trap with my husband and came in second place at a fun shoot.   I could tell he spent some quality time with Kleeko (our pug) by the amount of fur on his sweats.

In just a few short weeks he will have completed his sophomore year at college. I can’t get over how fast time moves. I cherish each day.

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