Friday and into Saturday


I tend to wake up on Fridays feeling ready to complete the week with my students  and begin looking forward to Saturday and the weekend. My good friend and colleague brings  Starbucks for us (I bring it on Mondays.), we  order out our lunch, and we end the day with Fun Friday-all three fourth grades merge our kids together. One of us takes them outside, one of us hosts a game room, and the other hosts a study hall for students who need to complete unfinished work from the week. I only linger in my classroom long enough to make sure it’s organized for Monday, say good-bye to my colleagues, and head home.  Then I look forward to Saturday–Here are some of the things that go into a perfect Saturday for me.

  • My husband and I spending the morning planning our evening with a perfect cup of coffee in our matching mugs.
  • A long walk with Kleeko  my Pug.
  • Picking up my mom and heading to mall to have a girls lunch at Nordstrom with my mom, mother-in-law, sister, niece and my two great nieces.
  • Buying something little like a new top or lipstick color.
  • Getting a manicure or pedicure or both.
  • Going to an early movie with my son who is home on spring break and my husband. (-And getting popcorn with butter on it!)
  • Going to a nice dinner with my son and husband after the movie.
  • Settling in on the couch with my husband, son and Kleeko while falling asleep watching the Hangover for the 100th time as we look forward to our spring break vacation in Vegas.

Enjoy your weekend!