No Power At School


Well…yesterday’s morning didn’t go so smooth, and the afternoon into the evening was just as rocky.

Our first announcement yesterday to staff was to listen for announcements throughout the day regarding the high wind warning. The winds were to get going early in the day until about 7pm.  At 11:00am came the announcement.We were told  that there would be indoor recess as the gusts were getting up to 70mph. The kids were fine and worked as if it were just another “rain” day or “cold”day. In the back of their minds I think they felt a bit of relief as I knew some of my students were a little scared.

And then,  at 2:50pm,  ten minutes before our rehearsal for the evening music concert, our power went out. Some kids were quiet, and some start to yell. A little bit of chaos began to erupt.

Is the rehearsal still on? Will the power return? Don’t we have a generator? Will we dismiss early? These were the thoughts going through the my colleagues as we all took a peek in the hallway looking for answers that we knew we wouldn’t know.

Here is what happened.

The rehearsal went as planned.

The generator started up.

The concert was still on.

Some parents arrived leaving their home with power. Some parents arrived leaving their without power, worrying about the evening through the morning. Some parents had trees in their road, and some parents didn’t show up.

The concert was performed. The students did great, and I am sure my students will have much to write about today.