Not A Smooth Morning


I have been up for a total of thirty-five minutes and while I don’t want to have a bad attitude for the day, but it’s not going in the direction I was hoping.

  1. Set my alarm way too loud. Not a pleasant way to get up.
  2. Kleeko had a barking fit. (Wants to play)
  3. Coffee is weak. (Starbucks stop this morning.)
  4. I went to let Kleeko outside, and I was greeted my an aroma I am all too familiar with–skunk.
  5. Searched the backyard from my patio in slippers and robe for the skunk. Didn’t find him.
  6. Carried Kleeko outside to his x-pen for his morning routine.
  7. Kleeko chooses to bark and try to wake up the neighbors. Does not do what he needs to do this morning. (I don’t get upset with him though, I know he just wants to be with me.)


None of this a “big” deal, but today is one of three days this month that I will walk out of my house at 7:00am and not return until 8:30pm as it is our 4/5th grade music concert.On these type of days, I like things to run just a little smoother. Just hoping it doesn’t rain so the kiddos can have outdoor recess!!

Enjoy your day slicers!