I Think I Must Say No Today


Yesterday I received an email from a teacher asking me to fill in this Wednesday on a meeting where some teachers in our building are training to learn a new intervention program.The original teacher that was asked is unable to attend.

I am conflicted by this today. While I am always open to learning to interventions that may benefit my students, it comes at a very difficult time in the school year. As I mentioned on my very first post March is busy. I am already scheduled to be out three days this month, and with a possible trip out of town for my aunt’s funeral, I may be out even more.

In the next two weeks I must meet with each child to have a conversation about their writing and reading this marking period.  I also need to assess students, prepare report cards and prepare for parent- teacher conferences. We are also finishing our informational papers this week.

I simply cannot afford  time away from my students. I am feeling guilty, but I think I must say no.

7 thoughts on “I Think I Must Say No Today

  1. Sometimes we have to protect our top priorities (family, students) by saying no. You certainly would if you had more time or if it was a different time of year. But you cannot deviate your attention from those who need it most.


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