Meet Kleeko


I thought the weekends might be a little easier to write about with more variety in my day, but as I sit at my computer my head is spinning on what to write. Beyond the fact that I cannot seem to narrow down a topic, my two year old Pug, Kleeko insists on sitting on my lap. My hands around his little body trying to type on the keyboard.  So since he is my all over me right now, I will introduce to you my little guy.

Kleeko is an “Oops” puppy. It’s hard to believe that this cute little guy was not suppose to be. I had lost my 13 year old Pug, Pugzee,  a few weeks earlier and I was devastated. I volunteer for a pug rescue, but the available dogs were on medical holds. I called my local kennel and he led me to Diane.

Diane is a retired teacher (so we hit it off immediately) who shows Pugs. She talked my ear off about show dogs and pet dogs and wanted me to be sure on what type of dog interested me. She did not have any show pugs,  wasn’t planning on breeding for a few months, and  there was no guarantee that she would have a successful litter. Her friend, who also shows, had two “oops” puppies. Her friend’s son had accidentally let out a female dog that was in heat and one of her males was also out. Later they found out the female was pregnant. She has several pugs and didn’t want to do DNA testing to find out the father so she just decided to give away her two pugs to good homes. That’s how my sweet Kleeko came to me.

He is a beautiful pug, with a quirky personality. He is a little bigger now and a delight to have around. He helped my husband and I out during our early months of “empty nest.” We are registered for Canine Good Citizen classes in the spring and hope to pass the test. Here is his photo.img_3865

5 thoughts on “Meet Kleeko

  1. I’m glad he was all over you, forcing you to think of nothing else to write about but him. I have a 3rd grader who is obsessed with pugs. I showed her your Valentine’s post and now can’t wait to show her this tomorrow at school. So glad you included a photo. Sometimes, the thing right in our lap, is the very thing to write about!


  2. Kleeoko is an adorable pug! I love his squishy face and I am glad he found you! I’m obsessed with pugs and would love to have one but my husband is allergic to dogs, hence we have rabbits, all rescue rabbits since I volunteer at the SPCA. Love your blog! ~Amy


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