A Field Trip To The Chocolate Factory


I woke up excited today, not only because it is Friday, but our 4th graders are going on a field trip. It my very favorite field trip of the year, and I am guessing the 4th graders too.

As they begin their Economics Unit, the social studies teacher has scheduled our annual trip to the Chocolate Factory for a history of chocolate, tour of the production line and some shopping for chocolate and candy.

The students spend approximately thirty minutes learning about the history and watching the production line, and thirty minutes shopping. While the first thirty minutes are fairly calm, the second half gets a little bit crazy. You know that line “a kid in a candy store?” Well imagine over the course of an hour 62 kids in a candy store. The company is used to having tour groups, and are patient and kind to our students. However,  it is a public store, so I am not so sure that the regular shoppers who thought they would be able to run in and run out of the store with a quick purchase  are as thrilled as my students.

So I am off to shop and eat chocolate with my students. I am looking forward to a fun day ahead of me.

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