My Coffee Mug


I have been thinking about what to write today, since I finished my post yesterday, wondering how I am going to come up with ideas each day. I woke up at 5am still not knowing what I would write about when I sat down at the computer.

So, I followed my regular routine of getting ready, taking care of my pug, and pouring a cup of coffee. Coffee? That’s it. That’s my subject today–because without that, my morning/day would not be complete.

I cannot pour a good cup of coffee without putting it in a really good mug. Today was my lucky day because yesterday my souvenirs from Disney arrived that I had shipped. In my box was our latest Disney family mugs. See, everyday my husband and I drink out of one of our 50 different pairs of matching coffee mugs. 21 of these sets of mugs are a different Disney set of mugs. As vacation club members since 2001 we have purchased a pair of matching mugs every trip. It’s a long process as we visit gift shops each day at the happiest place on earth to find the perfect mug to take home from our trip. We hold them, examine the amount of coffee it will hold, and rub the rim to make sure it’s smooth. Once we finally decide on the mug, we purchase them and have them shipped so not to damage them when traveling back home.

So my mug today is a very cute design of Mini Mouse’s polka dot skirt and feet. The handle is her arm. It is from her waist down. My husband’s is Mickey Mouse from the waist down.

The mug is cute, the coffee is good and I have just finished my second post for the Slice of Life Challenge.

5 thoughts on “My Coffee Mug

  1. You will find things to write about. I find that I get ideas from the blogs I read too. It will get hard. Try to keep a list as you get inspired. You paint such a great picture of yourself! Great slice 🙂


  2. I carry my camera and a notebook all month, just in case I see something that inspires me. Sometimes I forget before I get home . It is amazing that inspiration is all around us, we just have to be ready to see it, like you did today with your new mug.


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