Day 1- Many Challenges


Well it’s finally here! Day 1 of the Slice of Life Challenge. This is my first time participating so I am nervous and excited at the same time. March is my busiest month at school between report cards, music concert, assessments, March is Reading Month, and parent teacher conferences, so this will be a challenge, but one I am excited to take on.

On top of this challenge I have a personal challenge of trying to run a 5k. It’s not that far, a little over three miles but I would like to be able to run the entire time. I have never been a runner, so this is truly another challenge for me. I was in Disney last week for mid-winter break and they had one of their races during that week. I talked with many participants later in the day and it sounded fun. I didn’t think it was something that I could ever imagine doing , but my very supportive husband convinced me I had time to train and I could walk part of it, if I couldn’t run all ¬†of it.

So as I start my day, writing this morning and run/walk this afternoon and teach in between I am ready and energized to take on the challenges that await me this month.

Have a great day!