Back to Work


I am back to work today after a mid-winter break spent in the happiest place on earth–Disney World. My husband and I did the adult version at Disney as my son is in college and his break and my break are no longer the same week.

As I enter my classroom today I will be greeted by my smiling students ready to share what they did over break. I will also remind them that tomorrow we will begin the Slice of Life Challenge within our own class. They will be writing in notebooks, not on a blog and sharing the notebooks with one another each day. This is the third year that I am having my class participate. I get a mix of excitement and nervousness as the students worry about meeting the challenge. We have a long talk about it, and we share ideas and encourage each other that we all can do this.

I have also rounded up some of my colleagues to participate too. I had a few text messages and emails over the break about setting up the blog. They are determined but I think we are all feeling a little nervous too as we take on this challenge.

Have a great day!

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