Disney Without Kids


I have mixed feelings as I wake up in the happiest place on earth. For the second time I am experiencing Disney without my child- let me first say not a child anymore my 19 year old college son.

After going through a tough empty nest last year I convinced my husband that I needed a mid winter vacation to me look forward to something. Without hockey games, swim meets or water polo tournaments I wasn’t sure what I would do to pass the time during our dreary winter.

Being Disney Vacation Club members we decided to take a quick trip to Orlando. It was very different without my son. We didn’t go to Magic Kingdom, wait in long lines for the big attractions and spend afternoons and noisy, crazy pools. However, my husband and I relived memories every time we passed our son’s favorite things. I was also sending him pictures of things he might like from the gift shops since he had a birthday coming up.  That was last year’s trip.

So this year I’m up early, much earlier than I would be if he were here, planning our adult day at Epcot. I have a list with me of things he  wants and ready for sun on my face. Not much different than last year, and still reliving the memories.

Wishing everyone a magical day!

One thought on “Disney Without Kids

  1. Being almost an empty nester, this post gives me hope there is life after all the “stuff” we’ve grown so accustomed to (three nights this week of music, band, and speech). Our Disney experience was many years ago, but we’d love to go back, just to see some more sights! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your slice with us!


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