My First Post


As I prepare for the March Challenge, I am posting my first Slice of Life. I have been working on my blog and tweaking daily.

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day a that my class will come to school wearing pink and red with their backpacks filled with valentines that they have carefully selected for each student in the class, valentine boxes, and of course lots of energy. Our party is early in the day, playing games, having a treat and making  dog treats for charity.

Yes, in addition to those activities, Pug Rescue Network will come into my class to talk about dog rescues, puppy mills, and the health of dogs. They will bring two pugs with them and each child will get a picture with the pug of their choice. More excitement. More energy.

This however, is one memory that seems to last in my student’s mind about fourth grade. At the end of the year we have a senior breakfast for any graduates that went to our elementary school. As we talk and reminisce about their elementary years, the one thing they always ask is if I still bring the Pugs to school. The answer is yes.

So as I greet the day, I am well rested and ready for my class.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

9 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. Welcome to SOL! I love the idea of having the rescue network bring pugs to school. I’m sure it is a memory your students will hold forever. I have a Puggle (Pug + Beagle). She is my baby. (Just don’t tell my kids :). When we can combine our passions with our teaching, everyone wins. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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  2. I clicked on your link because of the word pug. I teach 3rd grade and have a student obsessed with pugs. She writes about them all the time! I can’t wait to show her your blog post! Ha e the best Valentine’s Day!! In a future post, I hope you share some pictures from today. Also my school is brand new – only 2 years old . But love the idea of a Senior Breakfast!! May steal that idea and start that tradition in a few years! So glad you are becoming a slicer! This will be my 4th year to do the challenge!!


    • My class becomes obsessed with pugs by the end of the year. I am known as the pug teacher. All year long parents and students send me links to pug things, give me pug gifts and draw pug pictures that are all taped to my desk. My classroom theme is dogs, focusing on pugs. I have pictures, stuffed animals etc.

      The senior breakfast is new. It started when our building was built 10 years ago. A parent of a fifth grader created a time capsule cabinet. Each year the fifth graders fill their drawer (I think there are 10 drawers total.)
      When they come back for their senior breakfast they open the drawer and go through elementary school memories. They might be photos, newspaper clippings, reports they wrote etc. So far we have only had two senior breakfasts. It’s very fun. They seniors all wear t-shirts with their future colleges.

      Feel free to steal the idea!


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