Back to Work


I am back to work today after a mid-winter break spent in the happiest place on earth–Disney World. My husband and I did the adult version at Disney as my son is in college and his break and my break are no longer the same week.

As I enter my classroom today I will be greeted by my smiling students ready to share what they did over break. I will also remind them that tomorrow we will begin the Slice of Life Challenge within our own class. They will be writing in notebooks, not on a blog and sharing the notebooks with one another each day. This is the third year that I am having my class participate. I get a mix of excitement and nervousness as the students worry about meeting the challenge. We have a long talk about it, and we share ideas and encourage each other that we all can do this.

I have also rounded up some of my colleagues to participate too. I had a few text messages and emails over the break about setting up the blog. They are determined but I think we are all feeling a little nervous too as we take on this challenge.

Have a great day!

Disney Without Kids


I have mixed feelings as I wake up in the happiest place on earth. For the second time I am experiencing Disney without my child- let me first say not a child anymore my 19 year old college son.

After going through a tough empty nest last year I convinced my husband that I needed a mid winter vacation to me look forward to something. Without hockey games, swim meets or water polo tournaments I wasn’t sure what I would do to pass the time during our dreary winter.

Being Disney Vacation Club members we decided to take a quick trip to Orlando. It was very different without my son. We didn’t go to Magic Kingdom, wait in long lines for the big attractions and spend afternoons and noisy, crazy pools. However, my husband and I relived memories every time we passed our son’s favorite things. I was also sending him pictures of things he might like from the gift shops since he had a birthday coming up.  That was last year’s trip.

So this year I’m up early, much earlier than I would be if he were here, planning our adult day at Epcot. I have a list with me of things he  wants and ready for sun on my face. Not much different than last year, and still reliving the memories.

Wishing everyone a magical day!

My First Post


As I prepare for the March Challenge, I am posting my first Slice of Life. I have been working on my blog and tweaking daily.

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day a that my class will come to school wearing pink and red with their backpacks filled with valentines that they have carefully selected for each student in the class, valentine boxes, and of course lots of energy. Our party is early in the day, playing games, having a treat and making  dog treats for charity.

Yes, in addition to those activities, Pug Rescue Network will come into my class to talk about dog rescues, puppy mills, and the health of dogs. They will bring two pugs with them and each child will get a picture with the pug of their choice. More excitement. More energy.

This however, is one memory that seems to last in my student’s mind about fourth grade. At the end of the year we have a senior breakfast for any graduates that went to our elementary school. As we talk and reminisce about their elementary years, the one thing they always ask is if I still bring the Pugs to school. The answer is yes.

So as I greet the day, I am well rested and ready for my class.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!